Where is the door?

This model of Rapid-Ras frame is hidden between partitions and wall cladding leaving the door embeddable to the level of the wall or coating looking like a wall element, opening the door can be inward Room or out into the hallway.

Rapid-Ras frame is made of aluminum extrusion with seal perimeter rubber that its watertightness is greater, adjustable invisible hinges in three dimensions, height, width and depth and thickness of sheet 66 mm if in push or 55 mm if it is pulling out. In addition to the inside of you may install a sealant aluminum extrusion aimed off the hollow interior of the room.

The lock is added to the edge and it is installed with an embedded profile to protect said edge aluminum. The liner can be installed from floor to ceiling or simply from the ground to the height of the door.

The liner can be installed from floor to ceiling or simply from the ground to the height of the door.

Examples of Rapid-Ras installations

For Mounting


Rapid Installation


Rapid-Doors, An advantage over traditional carpentry

The robustness of the ring of steel and finish options (more than 300 plain colors, imitation wood, stone, leather, etc …) and the combination of endless possibilities offered by high-pressure laminates make Rapid Doors the perfect doors for public buildings.

Quick installation: an installer can place between 20 and 30 sets in eight hours, compared by 5/6 doors usually placed by a traditional carpentry carpenter in eight hours. In addition, Rapid-Doors are virtually set to deliver the work after a run through.

Download our Work Notebook

Want to know more about Rapid Door? In our work notebook you can see the technical characteristics of our products, how the installation is done, and the measures of doorways or ranges of products we have taken.

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