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Types of frames we manufacture

Vinyl coated steel frames

Our vinyl-coated metal frames provide durability against scratches and blows, thanks to the vinyl film which covers the entire frame.

Stainless steel frames

Our frames made of stainless steel sheeting have a perfect aesthetics and finish, allowing them to stand out elegantly on the wall with the possible coating installed on it.

Aluminum frames

Our aluminium frames are manufactured in two separate pieces, making them telescopic, as the same profiles can cover different wall thicknesses.

Rapid Doors manufactures metal frames, which are mainly in 3 grades and all with their own proprietary systems.

The qualities of our metal frames are steel coated vinyl which have about 300 colors from a smooth and imitation wood, stainless steel and matte silver anodized aluminum profiles manufactured from extruded offering more partition adjustment.

Qualities of frames

Our metal frames have no problem with woodworm and does not have any wood element. There will also be no problems with moisture and climatic changes.

All our metal frames are made to fit the gap in installation work to be perfect and can produce any measure. We manufacture the entire set of frame and gate.

Our products are specially designed to withstand very heavy traffic and are suitable for installation in hospitals, schools, health centers, nursing homes, sports facilities, shopping centers, etc…

These metal frame will install different models of technical doors Rapid-Doors according to the traffic that will be in your quarters, they can also be manufactured to different opening systems, such as sliding frames which in turn may be to install a case net that is screened off or also manufactured for the door to slide outside the wall. Another system is “Sway”, this allows the door to open in either direction (ideal for kitchens or dining) we can also install systems opening by remote control, cards or other electronic devices.

Another great advantage of our metal frames is that you do not need to install any subframe on site because all our frames we manufacture in one piece to the thickness of the partition so that the gap is completely finished and completed without installing any flashing types.

If you need to renew your deteriorated doors, we take care of dismantling the old doors and installing our new sets without doing brickwork as we adjust to the measures you have in play.

Want to know more about the fences of Rapid Doors?

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