Rapid-Stand Metal Frame

instalacion-cerco-puertaOur Rapid-Stand metal frame model is produced within two qualities, both on vinyl coated steel and brushed stainless steel finish.

The Rapid-Stand frame system model is patented by Rapid-Doors

Rapid-Stand vinyl coated frame on steel makes this finish more resistant to shocks or scratches that frames painted or lacquered and has a Wash Primer treatment of about 6 microns thick to protect the steel corrosion potential.

It offers resistance to heavy traffic due to its robustness and vinyl coating.

Its use is very suitable for high traffic areas such as hospitals, schools, health centers, nursing homes, etc …

Fixing the partition is performed using three clamps per leg and two in the head. Just an allen wrench is subject to the septum, these holes are hidden by a PVC cap whose end is to cushion the blow of closing the door, besides injecting polyurethane foam for greater security. The vinyl coating on the steel provides maximum security against bumps and scratches.

Rapid-Doors, One advantage over traditional carpentry

The robustness of the ring of steel and finish options (more than 300 plain colors, imitation wood, stone, leather, etc …) and the combination of endless possibilities offered by high-pressure laminates make Rapid Doors the perfect doors for public buildings.

Quick installation: an installer can place between 20 and 30 sets in eight hours, compared by 5/6 doors usually placed by a traditional carpentry carpenter in eight hours. In addition, Rapid-Doors are virtually set to deliver the work after a run through

Download our Work Notebook

Want to know more about Rapid Door? In our work notebook you can see the technical characteristics of our products, how the installation is done, and the measures of doorways or ranges of products we have taken.

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