Vinyl coated steel frames

The vinyl coated metal frames give durability to scratches and bumps thanks to the vinyl film that covers the entire frame. On the inside of the frame we use leading treatment wash primer to protect the steel plate of possible corrosion and prevent oxide, which makes it our most durable metal frame. This model is versitile; you can choose from approximately 300 colors from plain colors to wood imitations authentic so it is even an option to install in homes.

This frame is especially designed for installation in hospitals, health centers, schools, nursing homes, psychiatric, shopping centers, etc. One of the main advantages of this metal fence is easy cleaning and the vinyl lining the frame is non-porous and is antibacterial so we will not have problems with woodworms. The frame is manufactured in one piece to the thickness of the wall buckle making has no joints or sharp areas so that the accumulation of dirt or dust is much lower.

The PVC film (vinyl coating) is a polyvinyl chloride film and cadmium free formaldehyde. with a thickness of 130 mm to 200 microns, of the most common being 150 and 180 for one color and imitation wood or textile respectively.

Frame models

Cerco metálico emplomado


Cerco metalico RF

With intumescent seals

Cerco metalico para cristalera


Cerco metalico liso

Smooth Frame

The main advantage of our metal frames is quick installation. It is installed in just 10 minutes and unlike other frames they are installed at the end of the work in the absence of the top coat so that the frames will not suffer damage in the course of the instalment.

This model of metal frame can be installed in any type of door such as folding, sliding, windows, with or without stud, etc …

Within our range of coated frames we have different models according to each customers needs of vinyl frames

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