Renovation of doors with no building work involved

It is possible that their are doors in poor condition because they have many years of use, they have suffered vandalism, or because it has been attacked by woodworm and needs replacing but you’re too lazy or don’t want to deal with the high cost involved. Rapid-Doors has the solution to your problem because we replace all the carpentry without making a masonry. We take care of everything, we take your antique doors and frames and install our sets of frames and doors in accordance to your needs and depending on the traffic that those doors will have.

You should also keep in mind that we are aware that where doors are installed you will be at full capacity and you can not go long without doors so removing and replacing is conducted in phases and areas are not harmed in the least and you will have your usual functioning facilities.

What is the procedure?



Necessary measures: A – Internal width of previous frame (if there are differences, the narrowest) B- Above exterior prr frame (if there are differences, the widest) C – Previous frame inside the ground (if there are differences, the lowest) D – outside about the previous frame down (if there are differences, the highest) E – Total thickness of the partition (if there are differences, the thickest)

With the given measures we will manufacture the set, giving the steel-vinyl frame dimensions suitable to cover the previous frame and a little more action. If the frame is aluminum wing is 50 mm, enough to cover the previous frame.



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