Are you an architect?

We know how difficult it is for an architect to have a project and decide what kind of frame to use for the project with door that is developing at that time, so our technical team will help you in your project advising and help you at all times so that your decision is the right one for each type of work.

Furthermore CAD format will provide each of the technical details you need to include in your project and product technical requirements specification for the project.

We have a technical case with samples of all the products and technical information you can ask without obligation.

Rapid-Doors, An advantage over traditional carpentry

The robustness of the ring of steel and finish options (more than 300 plain colors, imitation wood, stone, leather, etc …) and the combination of endless possibilities offered by high-pressure laminates make Rapid Doors the perfect doors for public buildings.

Quick installation: an installer can place between 20 and 30 sets in eight hours, compared by 5/6 doors usually placed by a traditional carpentry carpenter in eight hours. In addition, Rapid-Doors are virtually set to deliver the work after a run through.

Download CAD Library

We offer a library of all our models we manufacture in CAD format that you can insert quickly and easily in the projects being developed. You can also apply the specifications in Word format – Pdf or Presto.

Download our Work Notebook

Want to know more about Rapid Door? In our work notebook you can see the technical characteristics of our products, how the installation is done, and the measures of doorways or ranges of products we have taken.

If you have questions or need more information, contact us without obligation. We will be happy to assist.

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