Do you suffer problems of vandalism on your doors?

It is likely for doors to suffer from vandalism and you can not control this situation. It is probably costing a lot of money to keep the woodwork and door elements and replacing them whenever any break. It is also likely that the new door does not have the same hue and it has to be bleached or because they have discontinued that color. At Rapid-Doors we offer the solution to your problem by installing vandal doors, these doors are unaffected by bumps and scratches since its finish is in polycarbonate with vinyl coated metal frame with 300 colors to choose like plain colors and wood colors.

These vandal doors are ideal for smaller centers, psychiatric facility or areas that suffer vandalism.

Impact Doors:

Doors for areas with very heavy traffic, anti-moisture and clean rooms. Made of polycarbonate sheets with the following certificates:

  • For fire, with classification B-s1d0
  • Anti-bacterial certificate, especially for MRSA and E-Coli bacteria
  • Chemical resistance test
  • Test for cleaning of blood and urine stains
  • Test for cleaning of ink blots, iodine (Betadine) and bed and trolley protectors.
  • Weight of a door 2100 × 1000 = 18.5 kg

Impact wall covering

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