What types of doors we manufacture?

Depending on traffic

We divide our doors depending on the type of traffic that will support your installation:

  • Low traffic
  • Medium traffic
  • Intense traffic
  • Very intense traffic

Technical doors

We manufacture all kinds of technical doors finished in HPL high pressure, compact phenolic, melamine, glass, unbreakable, leaded, acoustic, firewalls.

Rapid Ras, the invisible door

Where’s the door ? A system that allows you to hide the frame between the partitions and wall lining with the door at the same level looking like a wall or coating element of it.

Rapid Doors are manufacturers of all kinds of technical doors adapting to every need that arrises we always advise our clients and the different qualities, depending on the traffic going on in the vicinity, to have those doors installed once

Our doors are designed for:

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Having trouble with woodworm and termites?

anti-termitaWe have the perfect solution for your problem, we renew all doors that do not work, and install doors and termite repellent, built without any wooden element.

Problems of vandalism on your doors?


Rapid Doors have a form of vandal door is not damaged and is molded to bumps and scratches, with a finish polycarbonate and metal frame covered in vinyl to choose from more than 300 plain colors or wood.

Fire Doors


Rapid Doors techniques we manufacture fire doors EI30 homologated.

Acoustic Door


Noise Problems? Need to isolate a noisy room? Use a rapid solution approved acoustic door.

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