Hospital Doors

Usually hospital doors are made in different models depending on the area, use, and the traffic the door will have. Hospital doors that are usually installed are swinging doors, sliding doors that can be between or outside the wall, or leaded doors for X-rays where our solution is filling both the frame and the door thickness lead to reflect on project, also approved firewall installed doors and match the rest of interior carpentry.

For this type of work with our doors at hospitals we can install an aluminum frame all along the rim which will lock in order to cushion any blow that may occur with the passing of beds or trolleys and protect the door damage to extend the life of the door, this aluminum profile is called Camachoq.

As these doors will suffer a very heavy traffic we recommend installing our door Sandwich finished in HPL 3 mm and color-dyed or Sandwich Plus finish in HPL 3 mm in phenolic compact and the metal frame fibers coated Rapid-Stand vinyl or Rapid-Acoustic.

Why install our technical doors and metal frames?

Anti bacteria door

Both Our doors Sandwich and Sandwich plus models are used as anti bacteria doors are by not having any wooden element and is high in density polystyrene and phenolic resins HPL finish 2 or 3 mm thick.

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Design adapted to the needs

Encircling sets and hospital doors are designed to withstand very heavy traffic and endure the blows of beds and trolleys, for which we use highly scratch-resistant materials.

Ease of installation and maintenance

Installation of fences and doors is done in only 10 min, and is installed at the end of the work in the absence of the final coat of paint, which ensures that our sets are not damaged during the course of the work.

These doors do not need special maintenance and cleaning is done easily and quickly.

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