Compact phenolic lockers

Every locker is installed so that operators can leave their belongings and clothes, but keep in mind that these lockers suffer many bumps, scratches, water damage, etc … with many maintenance costs involved for the company, so Rapid – Doors manufactured a compact HPL phenolic lockers to avoid these problems because the phenolic compact is a material that supports all these elements.

Our lockers are made of tubular aluminum structure to the ground, adjustable for added stability and to hold these phenolic panels legs firmly. The door is usually made in thickness of 12 mm and a multitude of colors to choose.

These lockers can be made to the extent needed and stackable among them also are made using different port numbers for each module tailored to the needs of our customers.

These lockers will be installed with a standard locker lock, coin lock, padlock or lock locker ideal cards for pool, spa, gym, etc …

Our lockers can be installed in shopping malls, supermarkets, gyms, etc… making the modules and doors as needed for each case.

Compact Phenolic benches

It is important to keep a picture and harmony in colors that we can manufacture the benches in the locker rooms to go in harmony with the lockers, carpentry, or other wall coverings. We manufacture HPL phenolic compact benches that are 12 mm, with or without hanger you can even make the bench next to the lockers.

These compact benches are able to be made as single sided or double sided so that you can sit on both sides of the bench.

These benches are manufacutured as a tubular metal structure with a HPL of 12 mm in the color of your choice