Outer sliding frame for the R1 partition

We produce our Rapid Doors R1 model metal frame in three qualities: vinyl-coated steel, stainless steel with a frosted finish and matt silver anodized aluminium.

The R1 vinyl-coated frame has a vinyl coating over the steel which makes this finish much more resistant to blows and scratches than painted or lacquered frames. It is treated with Wash Primer about 6 microns thick on the back to protect the steel from possible corrosion.

Another advantage of the vinyl-coated frame is the wide range of plain colours and the perfect wood imitations for its use in homes or areas requiring a wood finish.

It provides resistance to heavy traffic due to its robustness and its vinyl coating.

Its is very suitable for use in areas of heavy traffic such as hospitals, schools, health centres, nursing homes, etc.

Our R1 frame needs a tubular steel structure which we then finish off with the same material as the vinyl-coated frame, frosted stainless steel or anodized silver aluminium. This structure offers us the security of the sliding door as the aluminium guide we use is attached to the said tubular structure. The guide and the rollers are hidden by a cover with the same finish as the metallic frame, in other words, vinyl-coated steel in the same colour, frosted stainless steel or silver anodized aluminium.

This model and system is our own and is patented by Rapid Doors.

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