Psychiatric doors

Which way do we open the door? Inwards or outwards?

We have the solution to your problem in psychiatric facilities, it is a Anti barricade door, our system is to have an ordinary swing door whose opening is inside the room, but what happens if residents in a given time make a barricade with beds on the door and make so you cannot enter from the outside? Do we break the door? The solution is not to break the door because with our anit barricade doors the facilitator can change the opening of the door at any time to open outwards in order to calm and help the patient without breaking the door or frame.

If you already have previously installed doors and frames we will take care of replacing the doors and fences using this system without doing brickwork.

Our recommendation for psychiatric doors is the Sandwich and Sandwich Plus model phenolic HPL finish 2 or 3 mm thick, but we can also install our door IMPACT its main feature is that it is vandal free as polycarbonate finish makes it so it cannot be broken by abusive hits that the door may recieve. This door model has a profile of the perimeter aluminum, recommended frame is our Rapid-Stand frame or Rapid-Acustic coated vinyl having 300 colors to choose from, from plain colors to wood colors, we can also install our aluminum frames or stainless steel frames.

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