School doors

We all know the problem with the doors in schools… These doors suffer many bumps, scratches, etc… Rapid-Doors manufactures doors and frames according to this type of construction traffic and thinking about the use to which these doors have.

Our doors for schools must withstand heavy duty. We recommend installing the Sandwich or Sanwich Plus model with vinyl coated metal frame where there are 300 colors to choose from plain colors and wood colors, both models have the great advantage of being antibacterial as it has no timber element and has zero maintenance.

Another model of frame that is usually installed in schools is the frame with a higher amount glazed light so you can light can come into the classroom, it is also typically installed on top of the wall with the same purpose window fixed this window. The advantage is that aesthetically and its color is identical to the rest of carpentry.

Our doors for schools can give durability by installing our Bologna model sheet composed of a profile perimeter aluminum and finished in phenolic HPL 3 mm and a high density polystyrene, this door model is designed especially for buildings where the traffic is very intense.

What problems are there with doors and young children?

Anti-finger catching doors

Keep in mind that a small child can put their fingers on the edge of the door and that can do a lot of damage and we are very aware of this issue so we have a special system to fix this problem. We install a special piece on the edge of the door so that childrens fingers are not caught.

See here Anti-finger catching doors

Why install our technical doors and metal fences to your school?

  • We have models designed especially for schools and kindergartens
  • It’s easy and quick to clean
  • Our doors for schools endure a very heavy traffic flow, resulting in longer use
  • They are antibacterial doors, so problems with woodworm are avoided.
  • Installation is done in just 10 minutes.
  • It is installed at the end of the process with the exception of the top coat, ensuring that your location is not damaged during the course of the work.
  • You can install a higher amount of glass in doors to give more light to the classroom.
  • You can make a fixed window at the top of the doors in the same style and colors to the rest of metal frames to give more light to the classroom

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