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It is very likely to be found in the need to offer a work whose project comes prescribed products like Rapid-Doors but need advice on which solution will best serve the needs of this work, our sales and technical team will solve all doubts and advise that solution is the most appropriate and will examine the project financially.

We also have a team of editors to guide you to make your installation is adequate and quick.

We have a technical case with samples of all the products and technical information you can ask without obligation.

Rapid Doors was developed to be installed on site only with only the last coat of paint left to do, because of that placement should be very fast.

Rapid-Doors do not need precercos systems frames and doors, this makes it essential to monitor the measures to stop the work that is indicated. Even now when the work takes p recercos, but are misplaced, you can always downgrade or fit to suit the customer’s needs, since then a kickout of 7 or 9 cm lid is placed all irregularities.

Well, this installation is very quick, there is only one secret: take measurments of the gaps once work is implemented (not on the plane) one by one and give the actual measurement (give us the clearest possible).

Measure the gap in different parts of the height and width, and vary a few mm to a lesser extent. For the thickness of the wall, just measure at various points the two walls and lintel, scoring the Gruso, keep in mind that with plasterboard lintel is thicker then the lead as a double landing profile mm. Naturally we must consider that the total thickness will be the partition, including, if it takes some coating, for example, tiles, linoleum, pvc, textured glas, etc.


Rapid Doors manufactures whole systems, ie frames and gates, so if there are other measures that are needed because of a mistake or need to work, we can manufacture any size.

Another very important point is whether we framing work Rapid-Stand or Rapid Acustic or steel vinyl stainless models need a rabbet 25 mm for both legs of the fence if the wall or ceiling if the doors go floor to ceiling.


With the Rapid-Alum aluminum frames, the minimum is 60 mm. Important to know that the change of pavement, not as in traditional systems, observe the change of pavement detail in the following picture:


With these considerations, we can go to work and  we will make an excel sheet which will be provided to you, along with a site plan in which let us number the doors one by one, we measure the gaps, noting the height, width, thickness of the septum and door handle (this criterion is always pushing the door the way it is going, and if the handle is opens outwards pushing the door from within.

Rapid-Doors, An advantage over traditional carpentry

The robustness of the ring of steel and finish options (more than 300 plain colors, imitation wood, stone, leather, etc …) and the combination of endless possibilities offered by high-pressure laminates make Rapid Doors the perfect doors for public buildings.

Quick installation: an installer can place between 20 and 30 sets in eight hours, compared by 5/6 doors usually placed by a traditional carpentry carpenter in eight hours. In addition, Rapid-Doors are virtually set to deliver the work after a run through.

Download our Work Notebook

Want to know more about Rapid Door? In our work notebook you can see the technical characteristics of our products, how the installation is done, and the measures of doorways or ranges of products we have taken.

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