What is wrong with the doors in nursing homes?

Mainly the problems that doors installed in nursing homes have is the way it opens: it must be very smooth and with minimal effort as the people who will use these doors are delicate and elderly. Rapid-Doors has an automatic opening system to help open the door automatically with just a little trigger at the handle or by pressing a button. To use it you pull slightly on the handle or press the button and the door opens automatically and closes automatically to avoid having to worry about its closure.

Another problem that doors in nursing homes often have is their heavy weight and that increases the difficulty of opening for these senior citizens. Thats why our models suggest installing doors like the Sandwich or Sandwich Plus since their weight is much less than conventional doors. For the construction of these door models, we have the great advantage of being antibacterial to avoid problems like woodworn in the frame and door since both possess no wood element. The frame we recommend installing in this type of work is our vinyl coated metal frames where there are 300 colors to choose from plain colors and wood colors or our aluminum frames which are generally anodized silver but can also be lacquered in Ral.

For the bathrooms of the rooms a sliding door should be installed either between interior walls because it is easy to open, or install net cases outside the wall through a tubular structure which is then topped with the same material and color of the fence installed on site.

It is also important to choose the type of handle to be installed on doors for nursing homes, as a rule worldwide, you must install stainless steel handles but you should know that these are very cold handles having a lot of contrast between the ambient temperature and said handle which causes the person that touches the handle to urinate. To solve this problem we install Polyamide handles to avoid these temperature differences.

In any room in a nursing home we can install distribution cabinets at your request. The cabinets can be the same color as the doors if requested by the customer, these can be fitted with Swing doors or sliding of one or more leaves each.

Another solution that we implemented in nursing homes is a compact phenolic coating on the walls usually the same colors as the doors doors, remaining hidden in the wall fence, the frame system called Rapid-Ras is unseen and can open the door inward room or out, this model fence it install three invisible hinges adjustable in three dimensions (width, height, depth).

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